Monday, November 9, 2009

Alabama Adventures

This weekend we had plans to attend a 30th birthday (surprise) for Nathan's friend, Phillip. Phillip was Nathan's best man at our wedding. He actually bought his engagement ring the weekend of our nuptials and proposed to his bride, Fran, shortly thereafter. They came to surprise Nathan for HIS 30th birthday 18 months ago and drove from their home in Birmingham to meet baby Aiden shortly after he was born. Only to announce they were expecting themselves!! The happy couple are now living with their 9-month old daughter, Lucy, in Pensacola, Florida. What this means is that we don't see them nearly as often as we'd like. We keep up with them via their family blog, Life Of Skipper.

His party was a fun adventure to Talladega, Alabama to take part in the Dale Jarrett Racing Experience. Six laps around a world-renown race track is a pretty awesome gift. Much less to be surprised by 30 of your closest friends cheering you on while you race.

Our plan was to drop Aiden off with my parents on Friday afternoon and then drive the 4-hour trek to the track the following morning; however, my little boogs had his own plan and came down with a slight case of bronchitis, which made it look like Mom was going to be staying home with him that day while Dad went to represent for our family at the party. At the last minute on Friday, though, we got word that we might have a place to stay in Birmingham for the night, making our drive only an hour in the morning (WAY better for Aiden!). So we talked about it and decided we should all go see them and if Aiden didn't feel well, I would just stay in B-ham with him.

What an amazing gift to be given. The stay worked out perfectly. Aiden slept almost the entire trip down in the car, then we were able to spend some QT with old friends, Kari and Andrew (and Quincy), whom we hadn't seen since our wedding. It was a miracle on so many levels. The following morning, time was given when we thought there would be none in order for us to spend just a few more hours together before we departed on our journey to the speedway. We relished in our hours together and were able to catch up on things from the past 4 years of our lives, sharing the ins and outs of so many itty bitty pieces of so many things. So many times I caught myself thinking, "Wow, I am really here. Wow. I really love this girl. Wow. God is so good. To not be a "true" part of one another's lives the past 4 years and to be given a gift like this is truly a miracle." It was really worth the "risk."

Off we went to the speedway for an afternoon in the infield.

It was great to see Phillip and his family. To meet Lucy. To catch up with some of Nathan's old college friends who we just don't see nearly as often as we'd like. A great, great trip overall. We headed back to Nashvegas late that afternoon and Aiden did great in the car despite the 4 hour drive. Such a great little guy! We recovered all day Sunday and got some things done around the house that had been lingering for quite some time. All in all a very successful weekend and one we will remember for quite some time. Here are a few pictures from the day.

The fam in B-ham before we headed off to the speedway. Nathan with some of his college buddies.
Aiden playing with Lucy and sharing!
Phillip getting into his racecar.
Aiden loved feeling everyone's beards!! So funny.

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  1. The Skippers said...
    I can't believe that you guys made such a long trek for us. It was really special that you were there. I think Aiden and Luch need to play together more often. It looked like they were having fun! Great pics!

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