Saturday, February 28, 2009

Month in Review

February has come and almost gone. Hard to believe. But here we sit on a rainy Saturday afternoon, watching the warm weather leave and ushering in another bout of cold (hopefully one of our last) before the onset of spring in a few weeks. For this, I cannot wait. I really like cold weather, for like a week...maybe even just on Christmas Day...but after that I am pretty much over it. So, as you might imagine, I am way over the cold weather by now and very thankful for what is to come.

Our month was fast and furious...Aiden saw seven months come and go (how quickly it has flown!), Nathan traveled to Phoenix and D.C. which left me a few days of single parenthood - I had a great time enjoying Aiden, we heard from three great friends who are all expecting (right around my birthday!), I joined a Bible Study at a church near the house to get to know some ladies and experience some growth personally, and along the lines of growing, I started training for a half marathon that I'll run in April. The training is fun, but just takes up so much time. With the little dude in tow, I can't imagine training for a full marathon... but we'll see what the future holds.

Aiden is such an active guy these days and is into pretty much everything. But his zest for life and the verocity with which he lives it makes me appreciate so many things about life. He loves to eat and would do it all day if we let him. His transition to solids has gone quite swimmingly and he is very methodical about the way he eats. It's quite a funny treat to witness. This video (which is not attaching right now) was taken a few weeks ago...he is so funny. It's hard to believe this little guy was not even here at this time last year. Now he's the center of our world and teaching us something new about ourselves and God every day. We love him!


The Bible Study I'm involved with is a Beth Moore study on Esther and I'm excited to learn about her life and how it impacts us as women. So far, it's been super enlightening and the subtitle says it all, "It's Tough Being a Woman." Every week we add to the list of reasons why that statement is true and it's really been a great deep dive for me into my own soul as I find myself in a brand new place in life as a mom, not going to an office, and dealing with new relationships in a new environment. Making friends once we're all out of the college "bubble" is so very different and female relationships are such a different animal all together. Doing this has helped me see that is not so far off base...we'll see how God uses that as the year continues.

Nathan's job is so busy right now and he's totally swamped with huge projects that are very demanding, but at this point, we're both very grateful he has a job given the current economic climate. It will hopefully calm down once a few things get off the ground for him and we'll be able to enjoy our summer.

As March is on the horizon, we are enrolled for Mommy and Me at the pool (hooray!), anticipate Nathan's birthday, a trip to Crested Butte, Aiden's eight month milestone, a practice half marathon for me, and as I mentioned before...SPRING! All pose such excitement as we head deeper into 2009.


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