Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh Dear! Half a Year!?!

How can it be that my little one has grown
From the baby in my belly to sitting on his own?
His sweet little face and big brown eyes
Remind me each day how fast time flies.
To the doctor we went to get weighed and measured
More shots this time 'round, much to my displeasure
On the scale he went weighing 13 and some change
My little peanut's still in the 5% range,
But from his head to his toes his length is 23,
Baby Aiden is growing up - fast like a weed!
Next up was his check, which means he gets shots
Four big ones this time, and since Mom does not
Do well with the sight of my boy in pain,
I enlist Daddy Nate to help keep me sane
By holding him down while the nurse does her thing
Before I know it it's over, I hear his crying.
With the visit almost done, I get to cuddle my boy
Hold him tight in my arms, as I shed a tiny tear of joy.
It's so hard to believe we're standing here at six months
Of age. It's gone by so fast, in a flash, all at once
He went from brand new to this in a blink of an eye.
I can only imagine how much faster time will fly
From this point forward, as he changes and grows
Into a toddler, a man, and God only knows
The path he will take as he ventures through life,
But I pray every day for his path and his wife.
As much as I dread the fact that he's getting older
I know he has to grow up, but he'll allways have my shoulder
To lean on, to sleep on, to surpass with his height,
Hard to see it now, but it gives me such delight
That I'll be able to watch this little boy live
Come to know God, how to love, and how to forgive.
A part of me and a part of my Nate
Our little Booger Bear can hardly wait
To walk, to talk, to run around and play
But I can wait for those days as I relish in today.

There's a three month pause before going back to the doc
No shots at that visit, but we'll be setting the clock
Forward again as three more months pass by
And I'm sure I'll be wondering what happened and why
He has to grow up and why it goes by so fast
But I'll be relishing that moment with new moments passed.
My prayer for my Aiden as the months and years fly
Is that he would know Jesus Christ and that he came to die
So he could live and be free to experience a journey
With the ultimate result being heaven for eternity.

My little teething guy on his six month "birthday"

Aiden plays with his glow-worm from Eliot on his quilt from Great-Grandma Poage


  1. *cami* said...
    gosh, he is a cutie!!!!!!!
    -Beth- said...
    awww. this was sweet. 6 months, man time is flying!

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