Monday, December 15, 2008

Questionnaire Update

In recalling my Christmas memories in the questionnaire, I failed to mention my dear old Dad in the lis of memories. And while these memories number themselves far to many to recount in detail, one of the memories that comes to mind most clearly is the Christmas we had when I was about nine in Michigan. We had flown from Texas to Michigan (I think!), to spend Christmas with my Dad's family....actually it might have been California to Michigan...regardless, it was a long flight. We all felt a little jet-lagged from the trip and it took more than a few hours to recover from our travels, so it was an interesting start to our visit. While this sort of a trip could be memorable enough for any child of a young age, there's more to make it a true Christmas memory. I, being the busy kitchen helper I always have been, was working with Dad in the kitchen on a lovely breakfast for the fam.  Dad was busy makin' bacon on the stove and I was making eggs. And I'll just add that I was making eggs in the microwave. Why? To this day, I am still not sure.  Regardless, as I pressed the buttons to continue the cooking, I began to feel dizzy and told Dad, "I feel dizzy." The next thing I know I'm waking up in the living room with an audience of ten or so hovering over me like I'd just died. Apparently I'd just fallen flat on my back and passed right out in the kitchen. My mom, the ever-calm woman that she is, was freaking out and hyperventilating and they almost had to resuscitate her, not me! My dad, the humorist, was calming her down, and telling everyone I was just fine. Always the hero, there to save the day. I'll never forget making breakfast that day, and how he saved my life (joking!). A fond Christmas memory to be sure...and to this day I will NOT eat eggs from a microwave. Seriously. Ask anyone. Never. 

The other thing that stands out and definitely bares mentioning is our annual reading of the Christmas story in advance of opening our gifts. While many families do this, I'm not sure you have the eloquence of our dear Dad Down in your household sharing his take on the story that year. It never fails he manages to find a new detail in the amazing story of our Savior's birth. The story we could probably all relate from memory (I did before I was even in 1st grade) is always presented in a new and fresh way, with some new nugget to chew on while we open our gifts. It's something I love and will miss whenever the day comes we aren't together on Christmas morning. I am blessed to have them coming to our home this year for the first's going to be one to remember and I'm sure filled with lots of new "firsts" that we'll be talking about from this Christmas forward. I can't wait. 


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