Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So here I am again, not having written in quite awhile. Not to say things have not been abuzz in the Tabler house, it's just finding the time to sit and jot about them...

After our travels to Charlotte, some time was spent recovering from the drama that ensued and we finally found ourselves back on track. Aiden celebrated his four month birthday, and while uneventful in activity, it has been more than eventful in his little life. He is a curious, laughing, smiling, and very interactive little guy and it's been really really fun to watch him come into his own the past few weeks. He laughs a LOT, he talks a LOT, and you know just by looking at him he can't wait for everyone to understand him and for his little legs to help him scoot! 

We moved Aiden to the big boy bed a few weeks ago, right around the time he hit the four month mark, and I will say that as nice as it is to have the freedom to go in my closet after 6 pm (which is where his bassinet still sits), I miss being able to walk around the corner and just watch him sleep. His big boy room is upstairs and at the other end of the house, so peeping takes a bit more time and effort, though still a worthwhile venture. So many changes in this short time, and it's amazing to watch him experience life with the innocence and vigor that being a child provides. It's sad he's grown beyond sleeping in that little nook and I'll miss him, though I know this is probably the least painful "letting go" experience I will ever have. 

When we go to get him in the morning, bright eyed and ready for action, we start up his mobile, equipped with four little "aminals" that he watches do their thing while the music plays. He talks to them, and almost sings with the music...again, first thing in the morning...he is SO my child. But as I sit there and watch him talk, sing, and bat his long-eyelashed lids at his animals, I realize how simple life really is and how much we miss being adults. I think so often that's really how God looks at us, in utter awe and sheer joy that we get a smile out of something he put in our lives. We often complicate things to the point of no enjoyment, but as I stare at Aiden, I am constantly reminded that it's the simple things in life that bring us the most joy. 
How I feel about Aiden is probably like 1/10000000th of how He feels about me, though I often forget that, no, I take that back, I all too often fail to BELIEVE it... something I am making a conscious effort to be aware of and change. Seek out the things in life that are not temporary, but eternal, and find your joy resting there....

But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, 
on those whose hope is in his unfailing love. (Psalm 33:18)


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