Tuesday, May 13, 2008

32 week update

We are back from vacation and back to the Doctor I go. At my last visit, there was a slight cause for concern with my fluid levels being on the low side of normal. Due to the concern, they wanted to do a follow up Ultrasound in two weeks so they could make sure things were going up, or if nothing else, staying the same. So, lucky for me, we get to continue to see BT grow live and in person rather than just wondering what is going on inside my belly. But not so lucky for me is that the Dr. is kind of concerned. Regardless, I feel great and think everything is just fine, so that's the mindset I'll continue to have. 

As hoped, my fluids stayed the same as they were from my previous check-up and BT continues to grow healthily.  And my healthy, I mean he has a big head! This news is not so much what a woman wants to hear about the baby inside her that has to come out at some point. It's not abnormally large, and apparently most boys have larger heads, so basically it's normal, but just a little icky to think about. However, I'm glad he's gaining weight and continuing to grow right on track with where he should be. 

Due to the fact that my fluids were still on the low side of normal, the Dr. asked me to stop working out for this week and try to get them back up. She said I am more active than all of her patients combined, so I should try and scale it back this week and just take it easy. Even though we just got back from vacation where all we did was take it easy, I reluctantly agreed. (But I can't promise not any working out...I will more than likely sneak some workouts in this week...there's a good 90% chance of that). But I will oblige her and take it easy to see if it helps my fluids to come back up. 

All is well in baby land. Mom (me) is feeling somewhat anxious as we get closer to the big day...me and my crazy analytical mind take baby thoughts and grow them until they are completely out of proportion, but it only comes in spurts for now. Most of the other stuff is just excitement and readiness for him to be here and to have everything done. It's been fun to "see" him the past few times we've been to the Dr. and it only leaves  us wondering what he really looks like out of the belly and in the real world. Only time will tell. 


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